Sun Editorial: A thank you to all those helping others in need this holiday season

And remember, helping those in need any time of year will be greatly appreciated.

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

As the holiday season begins to wind down, many of the efforts to help those less fortunate are ending, too. While we didn’t keep count of all of the food, toy, clothing and more drives, this year certainly seemed packed with people helping others. So, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas on Monday, we wanted to say “thank you” on behalf of all the people whose lives have been touched through the generosity of others.

Over the past several weeks, the pages of all of our Sun newspapers have been filled with stories and photos of people stepping up to donate toys, fill trucks with food, collect pet supplies, gather clothing and more. We’ve seen everything and everyone from nonprofits and schools to businesses and even young children putting in time and energy. We know that thousands of people are having a more enjoyable holiday season thanks to those efforts.

And, of course, thanks to the efforts of everyone who purchased an extra can of food, toy or bag of dog food to donate. Every contribution, large and small, added up to make a difference.

Let’s not forget this generosity comes on the heels of other outpourings of help. When hurricane victims needed relief, for example, South Jersey and the rest of the nation came through, and continue to come through.

While the holiday-themed drives might be wrapping up, let’s also not forget people still will need help. Eventually, food pantry shelves will be bare, and animal shelters will have hungry “guests.” Making a donation any time of year will be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas to all — especially all of you who helped others this holiday season.