Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services children receive gifts from local business

Honda of Turnersville hosted their fourth annual gift and holiday party for Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services youth on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Honda of Turnersville hosted their fourth annual gift and holiday party for Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services youth on Wednesday, Dec. 13. Closing down their service bay to accommodate 40 kids of Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services, Honda gives Christmas gifts these kids otherwise would not be receiving from Santa this year.

Last month, the kids wrote down their top three Christmas gifts, not knowing if they would receive any. They received not just one, but all three of the items on their wish list. The look of joy and pure excitement on the kids’ faces were priceless as Santa and Mrs. Claus delivered their gifts. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on a firetruck nonetheless, thanks to the Whitman Square Fire Company of Washington Township. The holiday event also included a photo booth as part of the fun pizza party celebration. What’s more, Honda of Turnersville surprised Archway Programs and donated a check in the amount of $1,000 for the children in the Partial Care Services’ programs.

“Archway Programs couldn’t be more grateful for the generosity Honda of Turnersville has shown us throughout the years. It’s heartwarming to know we have groups like them to support our organization and the dozens of children who benefit from this relationship,” said Marge Conner-Levin, Archway Programs’ chief executive officer.

Children in the H.O.P.E. (help, optimism, preparation, empowerment) and D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. (direction, improvement, structure, creativity, oversight, vision, encouragement, reward) programs are between the ages of five and 18 with behavior and/or emotional concerns that interfere with their daily living. Kids in both programs live at or below poverty line and often times their families or caretakers have limited resources for necessities such as shelter, food, clothing and transportation.

These programs have been in place since 1980 and serve children and teens in Gloucester and Camden counties. These programs use a successful model to provide children with a safe, consistent, structured and caring environment as Archway Programs staff discovers their individual strengths and the children overcome their deficits through coping and social skills.

The holiday party originated when Ron Reid, Archway Programs’ H.O.P.E. supervisor, reconnected with an old friend, former Honda of Turnersville salesman, back in 2013. Honda of Turnersville first donated and brought volunteers to help serve food at H.O.P.E.’s annual Thanksgiving celebration. After finding out not all of the kids in the program would be receiving Christmas gifts, Min Chin, Honda of Turnersville’s general manager, came up with the idea to have a holiday pizza party. Honda of Turnersville has grown this into a memorable event kids in Archway Programs’ Partial Care Services H.O.P.E. and D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. programs look forward to.

To show Archway’s appreciation, Reid started his own tradition of preparing lunch for the Honda of Turnersville employees after each event in addition to the kids who write “thank you” cards for a holiday celebration they will never forget.

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