Obituary: Mary Anne Mead Schmidt

Mary Anne Mead Schmidt passed away on Oct. 26.

Mary Anne Mead Schmidt died on Oct. 26. She is survived by her husband John C Schmidt, of Haddonfield, NJ and daughter Lynne Preston, of Hamilton, MA. Mary Anne was born in Huntington, West Virginia is also survived by her older brother Jim, younger brother Otis, first cousin Ginger and many nieces and nephews.

Mary Anne grew up in Low Moor, VA, attended Stuart Hall Episcopal boarding school for six years and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts from Richmond Professional Institute now VCU. Her interests were diverse: as a lifelong equestrian she competed in drill team, combined training and dressage events, maintaining a strong faith in God she was a loyal supporter of her local church and choir, she was entertained and comforted by her Standard Poodles Maggie and Tucker, fascinated by culture and history a world traveler, found serenity while tending to her garden, and meeting friends at the gym were but a few of her many pursuits.

During her married life she lived in six states. Moving into a new neighborhood, the one thing that always stood out was her kindness, openness, desire to please and appreciation of what was unique about each new person or child that she met. Above all else was her love of family. Returning home to her familiar Allegheny mountains for a family reunion in Low Moor, VA always brought her great joy.

In the spring of 2018 she will return once again for a memorial service in Clifton Forge, Virginia.