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Sun Editorial: We want to help promote your holiday collection drives this season

We can tell everybody what you’re collecting and how they can donate — but only if you tell us first.

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

If you’re collecting stuff this holiday season — food for the needy, clothing, money, toys, pet supplies, etc. — you want your drive to be successful. To be successful, a lot of people have to give you a lot of stuff. Which means that a lot of people have to know that you’re collecting stuff.

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We can help. We can tell everybody in town what stuff you’re collecting, where and when you are collecting it and how they can donate.

But we can’t do that unless you tell us first.

If you are involved in a holiday drive, use the information on our contact page to let us know. You can use email, regular mail, social media or, if you still have one, a fax machine to tell us about it. You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway, version 2.0. You just have to include the basics: What are you collecting, who gets the stuff, and how can people donate? Include contact information (phone number or email address) in case someone reading about the drive has a question. That’s it. We can take it from there.

We know dozens of churches, nonprofits, civic groups, schools, Scouts, businesses and individuals are working hard this holiday season to help those in need. Those efforts should be both supported and applauded. Thousands of South Jersey residents will have a brighter holiday season thanks to the folks who organize these drives and those who make donations.

Let’s make this season one to remember by making these collection drives more successful than they’ve ever been before.

That starts with getting the word out. Tell us about your collection drive so that we can tell everybody else, and then everybody else can fill the donation tubs and make this a great holiday season for all.


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