Winslow Township Police Departments advises residents of car theft

Lock your car doors and remove valuables from view.

The following is a message from the Winslow Township Police Department:

During the fall months, neighborhoods historically experience an elevated number of thefts from vehicles. This is a result of less time spent outside, because temperatures drop and days are shorter.

During these thefts, the perpetrators typically target unlocked vehicles where valuables are visible from the outside and/or easily located inside the vehicle.

These individuals generally rely on their ability to access a large number of vehicles while circulating through the neighborhood and therefore rarely force entry for fear of making noise and risking detection. These incidents typically occur during the overnight hours and are not reported until the next morning when the owner recognizes property missing or out of place. The items most commonly taken from vehicles are:

• Global Positioning Systems (Garmin, Magellan, Tom-tom)
• Phones
• Cash and coins
• Prescription Medications
• Firearms
• Purses and Backpacks

In an effort to combat this problem, we encourage residents to employ some basic preventative measures:

• Lock your vehicles
• Remove valuables from view
• Do not leave any prescription medications or firearms in your vehicle
• Park vehicles in the garage or driveway
• Leave exterior lights on
• Report any suspicious behavior to police during the overnight hours by calling 911 or (609) 561–3300.
• Report any incident where you believe someone has entered your vehicle without permission (i.e. glove box left open or items strewn about vehicle.)