Cherry Hill Police educating store managers on retail theft reduction and prevention

The police department hosted a presentation on Thursday, Nov. 16.

Cherry Hill Township is known for its retail shopping district. It’s an integral part of the community and the police department has a great relationship with our business partners.

However, in recent years the police have seen a significant increase in property related crime. Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes to occur and it affects more than just the retailer. It consumes a large percentage of police and loss prevention resources and also contributes to consumers playing higher prices for goods and services. The Cherry Hill Police Department recognized the need to come together to form a business alliance to help combat retail theft.

On Thursday Nov. 16, the police department hosted a retail theft reduction and prevention presentation to educate store managers and loss prevention associates with information related to the types of property crimes that are occurring, the types of offenders and preventive measures to help control property loss. The police department realizes that a high percentage of property related thefts are committed by those suffering from addiction. Our officers and detectives will focus on sharing information and access to rehabilitation resources and services to those in need.

The Cherry Hill Police Department is committed to working with our business partners to find effective solutions to the problem while still maintaining the quality of service we are proud to provide to the residents of our community. Effective prevention is a cumulative effort and the police will collaborate with loss prevention