Letter to the editor: USO Volunteer thanks HMS

During the HMS annual veterans day event honoring the members of AL Post 38, there was a surprise honor included to recognize the Liberty USO Volunteer of the Year.

Mr. Thomas and the Haddonfield Middle School.

What a wonderful surprise it was last Wednesday at the Haddonfield Middle School auditorium. At the annual Haddonfield Middle School veterans event honoring the members of AL Post 38, there was a wonderful surprise and a wonderful honor for me.

I haven’t been involved with this outstanding event at our middle school since 2005. Honoring the bravest and best among us, I have never thought of being included in that day. This year, Mr. Thomas and the school honored the 76 years of USO history of serving. We have been there for a traveling, serving, sacrificing troops and their families in the South Jersey and Pennsylvania region for at least that long.

I am so grateful to be part of an extraordinary team that provide services in five locations in our region. I was also fortunate enough to be named the Liberty USO Volunteer of the Year for 2017. There are so many people to thank, many individuals and families and community organizations who have committed to the various missions of the USO. When I put out the call, it is always fulfilled.

My sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Thomas and the middle school, to Haddonfield and its people, and for the honoring of our service members and their families shown through this commitment. We are so very fortunate.

Lisa Brandinelli Quanci