Dig Pink and Teal Volleyball game nets $5,444

Money will be split between Side Out Foundation, American Cancer Society

Photo courtesy Christian Hochenberger

On Oct. 26, the Shawnee High School girls volleyball team held its ninth annual Dig Pink and Teal Volleyball game against Seneca High School. Seneca may have won the game, but the fight against cancer was the real winner as the Shawnee team sold 895 T-shirts, held a bake sale and accepted donations in order to profit $5,444. The money will be split between the Side Out Foundation for breast cancer research and the American Cancer Society for ovarian cancer research.

Pictured are: back row from left: Rylea Bell, Sarah Morgan, Gloria Fritsch, Jordan Benstead, Sarah Jeffries, Sofia Catana, Adrianna Alessi, Quinn Feudtner, Catherine McGlynn; middle row from left, Madeline Thornton, Taylor Kelly, Natalie Katrisiosis, Daniella Howard, Josephine Gray, Madelynn Kavanagh, Lyndsey Jones, Heidi Schuitema, Nichole Conner; and front row from left, Rose Walding, Mackenzie Michaels, Julia Cooker, Kelsey Martin, Jacqueline Stone, Olivia Pagliuso, Chloe Deming, Gracie Meyer, Kiara Hartmann and Anastasia Evans.