Haddonfield Writers encourages residents to express their creative side

Meetings are announced on the club’s facebook page at the beginning of each month.

Tucked away in Inkwood Books on Kings Highway in Haddonfield is a unique space that allows for fantasies, short stories and poems to come alive in a collaborative and supportive setting. Both new and experienced writers of all ages are encouraged to nurture their creative side and be a part of the Haddonfield Writer’s Club.

Jamie Grookett and Faith Brody founded the Haddonfield Writers Club in July, on a mission to bring out residents’ artistic side in addition to giving writers a space to inspire one another. Brody’s inspiration for creating the club stemmed from her desire to work with other writers and provide support.
“For me it was my own needing, I needed my own motivation. I noticed that I wasn’t doing as much writing as I would have liked,” Brody said.

Members gather monthly at Inkwood Books to discuss unique topics. Haddonfield Writers currently has more than 70 registered members. Generally, 7 to 10 members attend per meeting and Brody hopes that number will continue to grow.

The meetings can be anywhere between one to two hours depending on the subject matter. Writers are able to work and discuss ideas in a safe environment. The club hopes meetings will motivate writers to indulge in their creative side as often as time permits.

“Writing is both lonely and collaborative at the same time because you are doing all the stuff on your own a lot, but you need other people for the feedback and encouragement,” Brody explained. “Your journey when you’re trying to get an agent or submit something or trying to get published or content or any of those things, that part is the lonely part, but there’s always people to support you, and I think it’s important to have a group like that if you are going to be going down that kind of journey.”

Those interested in sharing work or gaining feedback from the club can submit up to 10 pages of work to the club’s Facebook page before the next meeting, which is announced at the beginning of the month through the club’s social media page.
Although the club is in its infancy, it has been inspiring writers in the community and has given them a chance to be a part of something special and collaborative.

Member Kelly Scanlon from Cherry Hill said, “It is nice to see the variety of different types of writers.” She further explained the group has helped her grow as a writer and that it is enjoyable to be a part of such a creatively diverse group.

To sign up for the Haddonfield Writer’s Club, join the group “Haddonfield Writers” on Facebook and reach out to Brody at Faith.Brody@gmail.com