Harrison Township voters to determine two committee members, governor

Polls will open in Harrison Township on Election Day, Nov. 7, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voters in Harrison Township will have the opportunity to not only vote for the next governor in the Nov. 7 election, but will also vote for one township committee member for a one-year, unexpired term, and one township committee member for a full, three-year term.

Two candidates are running for a one-year, unexpired term on the Harrison Township Committee. Independent Louis Manzo, appointed to the seat in October 2016, will be running against challenger Lisa Rotte (R).

Contending for the full-term seat are Independent Julia DeLaurentis and Republican Jacqueline Vigilante. The elected candidate will be taking the seat of Deputy Mayor Dennis Clowney.

Incumbent Gregory Fuller is running for a full, three-year term on the Clearview Regional High School District Board of Education unopposed. Harrison School District Board of Education incumbents Stacey Muscarella, Shannon Williams and Cristie Clark are also running unopposed for three seats for full, three-year terms.

In addition to the local election, residents will be voting for state and county officials.

Contending for the governor and lieutenant governor seats are Philip Murphy (D) for governor and Sheila Oliver (D) for lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno (R) for governor and Carlos Rendo (R) for lieutenant governor, Vincent Ross for governor and April Johnson for lieutenant governor under the We The People Party, Seth Kaper-Dale for governor and Lisa Durden for lieutenant governor under the Green Party, Gina Genovese for governor under the Reduce Property Taxes Party with no candidate filed for lieutenant governor, Matthew Riccardi for governor under the Constitution Party with no candidate filed for lieutenant governor and Peter J. Rohrman for governor and Karese J. Laguerre for lieutenant governor under the Libertarian Party.

In the race for state senator, incumbent Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D) will be running against challengers Keith Walker (R) and Mohammad Kabir under the Challenge Promise Fix Party.

There are four candidates vying for two seats in the General Assembly. General Assembly candidates include Democrat incumbents Patricia Egan Jones and Arthur Barclay, joined by newcomer Republicans Kevin Ehret and Teresa Gordon.

Candidates running for the position of Gloucester County clerk include incumbent James Hogan (D) against Diane King (R). For county surrogate, Helene Reed (D) is running against William Gilson (R).

Six candidates are contending for three open seats on the Gloucester County Freeholder Board. Democrat incumbents Heather Simmons, Lyman Barnes and Jim Jefferson will be running for re-election against Republicans Rose Yerka, Louise Pelosi and Mary Behm.

There are also two statewide referendum questions this year. The first is, “Do you approve the ‘New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act?’” The second is, “Do you approve amending the Constitution to dedicate all moneys collected by the state relating to natural resource damages in cases of contamination of the environment?”

Polls will be open on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The full list of polling locations is below:

• Districts 1, 2, 3, 5 — Gloucester County Library, 389 Wolfert Station Road, Mullica Hill

• District 4 — Ewan Fire Hall, 312 Ewan Road, Mullica Hill

• Districts 6, 7, 8, 9 — Trinity United Methodist Church, 284 Cedar Road, Mullica Hill