Meet the Candidates in the 2017 Gloucester Township Council and Mayoral Election: Week 4

In the fourth week, candidates give their final pitches as to why they should serve on township council.

The Sicklerville Sun is running a four-week Meet the Candidates series ahead of this November’s Gloucester Township Council and Mayoral election.

Below are profiles of the candidates running in the election. In the coming weeks, the candidates will answer questions regarding issues pertaining to the town.


Make your final pitch. Why should you be elected to Township Committee?

Team Mayer 2017: We all have dedicated ourselves to serving the residents of our community. We have been working for the people, and most importantly, we have been working for the families in our Township. We know how imperative it is to have a strong community for our children to grow up in and have a great future. We are here to create more jobs, invest in our youth, and keep our community safe! We have the experience to continue to move Gloucester Township in the right direction and get things done. On Tuesday November 7th, we would be grateful for your support of Column 1 to continue the progress in Gloucester Township.

Dave Mayer

Mayor Mayer: Time after time, our team has proven ourselves as fiscally responsible while focusing on economic development and job growth. We have added over 1,000 new jobs to our community through these economic projects. We have also prioritized the environment and safety in our community. Over the past eight years there has been a significant 34% reduction in the overall crime rate because our team has invested in the police. We also have made great strides in providing various state of the art facilities for our children to be involved in the community. Our team has continuously shown that we are fighting for the hard-working taxpayers and families of Gloucester Township. We still have many more things to accomplish, so on Tuesday November 7th, I am asking for your support of our entire column one team to continue the progress in Gloucester Township.

Michelle Winters

Councilwomen Michelle Winters: I believe that we have done a good job over the past several truly making Gloucester Township a better community. We have had some of the biggest economic development projects in the history of our town. I want to continue to build on this progress and I believe that I have proven that I will fight for the residents and what is best for our community. I am asking for your support on November 7th as well as your support for the rest of our team. While we have made tremendous progress, a lot remains and I believe that we have the vision that will continue to make Gloucester Township a great place to live, work and play.

Scott Owens

Scott Owens: First and foremost, I believe in civic duty and I believe the role of a councilperson is to represent the residents in which one serves. I will continue to make sure all members of our community have their voices heard by their elected officials. If elected, I would be bringing fresh perspective and new ideas. I would utilize the skills I gained from the completion of my masters of public administration degree, to govern effectively, efficiently, and transparently. I would continue to build on the progress and the good work which has been done. This includes increasing business opportunities in GT and finding future revenue enhancements/ratables. I want this town to continue to be the place where my children and all our children can grow up and be proud to say they are from Gloucester Township.

Dan Hutchison

Councilmen Dan Hutchison: I believe I can help Gloucester Township through my service on council. My support of the Mayor’s vision for a great community is unwavering. Gloucester Township has sprinted out of the recession and is a leader for economic development. Additionally, I can reach across the aisle to ensure that all voices in our community are heard. Government should not be about a political party rather it should be about helping the people.


Make your final pitch. Why should you be elected to Township Committee?

Names: Frank Radisch, Peter Heinbaugh, Rhonda Montana and Jen O’Donnell

Frank Radisch

This election has to be about property taxes. Our taxes are oppressively, embarrassingly high. Gloucester Township property taxes have been raised 42% over the past 8 years under the current government regime. We cannot continue on this trajectory. Gloucester Township residents deserve a break. No one will be able to afford to live here.

This election has to be about property taxes. Our candidates, the ‘$aving Gloucester Township Team’ in column 2 — Frank Radisch for mayor; Pete Heinbaugh, Jen O’Donnell, and Rhoda Montana for council — are absolutely committed to reducing GT property taxes. We have an actionable ‘7-point property tax reduction plan’ which can be read, along with the rest of our platform, on our website —

Peter Heinbaugh

The truth is, though, that there is nothing magical in this tax reduction plan. The plan consists of the same common sense measures required by every GT household on a budget. The plan requires an honest commitment from better government leaders who prioritize the residents of our town, instead of career politicians who are beholden to a political machine.

This election has to be about property taxes. Obviously, our high taxes impose financial hardship on GT homeowners and business owners. But also, our insanely high taxes create collateral problems in GT. Families and businesses are forced to move away, many leaving behind vacant homes. New families and new businesses decide to not move into GT, and choose to relocate in other, lower tax towns. This causes our property values to decline, and blight in our neighborhoods.

Rhonda Montana

GT’s current administration wants you to believe that our high property taxes should be blamed on an unfortunate confluence of unavoidable circumstances. Not true. Our high taxes are the result of the decisions of our government leaders. The problem can be solved by better decisions from better government leaders.

This election has to be about property taxes.. Government exists for the good of the People. Not vice versa. In the end, you, the residents of Gloucester Township, have the power to choose the municipal government that you want. Exercise your voice. Exercise your vote.

Do you feel that the current Gloucester Township government regime has you as its priority every day? Do you feel that the current Gloucester Township government regime fights hard to reduce property taxes?

Jen O’Donnell

Our team is asking for your vote. Our team is asking you to give us a chance. We will fight for you every day. We don’t answer to political bosses or to pay-to-play donors. We only answer to you. We promise to reduce GT property taxes. We expect that you will demand that we keep our promise.

This election has to be about property taxes.