Letter to the Editor: Committee Member Mike Friedman supports DeAugustine and Valentino

“Carmine and Lisa are running because they believe strongly in public service and giving back to their community.”

By: Committee Member Mike Friedman

I am pleased to enthusiastically support the candidacy of my friends, Lisa DeAugustine and Carmine Valentino, for Voorhees Township Committee. After nearly two decades of one party rule in Voorhees, resulting in oppressive taxes and fleeing businesses, Lisa and Carmine will be able to work with me using each of their unique skills to provide the solutions and new ideas that Voorhees desperately needs.

Lisa and her husband Steve have been residents of Voorhees for 29 years. They have two wonderful children who have both graduated from the Voorhees school system. In addition to serving as Treasurer for Project Graduation for the past three years, Lisa is especially proud of her career as a Voorhees Township elementary school teacher, caring for and helping to mold the minds of Voorhees youngsters for years.

Carmine and his wife Lindsay are likewise proud residents of Voorhees and lifelong residents of Camden County. Carmine is a Software Engineer of Naval Combat Weapons Systems, helping to provide our men and women in the armed forces with cutting edge technology with which to defend our nation. Carmine is a graduate of Drexel University, and is currently obtaining his Masters of Science in Software Engineering.

Carmine would be able to bring his invaluable analytical engineering mind to help solve issues in town, while Lisa can serve as an important conduit with our schools using her experience as both a teacher and a parent of Voorhees schoolchildren.

Carmine and Lisa are running because they believe strongly in public service and giving back to their community. The bottom line is, if elected, their loyalty will be to you, the Voorhees resident and taxpayer, not to a political patronage machine. So, on November 7, please join me in voting for Lisa and Carmine for Voorhees Township Committee so that we may ‘Revitalize Voorhees’!