Defying the odds: Washington Township resident releases first original CD

Despite doctors saying he would never speak, Kevin Q. Jackson II released his first CD of original tracks on Oct. 15

Kevin Q. Jackson II, left, and his sister Evelyn Jackson performed for an audience of friends and family at Jackson’s 24th birthday and CD release celebration on Oct. 15.

Doctors said there was a chance Washington Township resident Kevin Q. Jackson II would walk, but he would never speak. Born premature at 28 weeks, Jackson weighed a mere two pounds, his father Kevin Jackson Sr. said, remembering his small newborn body fitting in the palm of his hands. Defying the odds, Jackson celebrated his 24th birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 10, with the release of his first CD of four original tracks, performing in front of family and friends at the Washington Township Senior Center on Sunday, Oct. 15.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, a congenital disorder affecting movement, muscle tone and motor skills, Jackson’s life is comprised of daily struggles. However, the incorporation of music in his everyday routine, he said, helps him cope and get through each day.

Kevin Q. Jackson II was born at 28 weeks and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler. Doctors said he would never speak, but 24 years later, Jackson released his first CD comprised of four original songs at his “24-karat gold” themed birthday and CD release party on Oct. 15.
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“I sing when I’m happy, I sing when I’m sad; it just helps me cope with a lot of the stuff I go through,” Jackson said. “It’s therapeutic; I feel like I have to do it because it’s me.”

According to Jackson, he wrote his first original piece, “Lost in Your Love,” with musician Tom Maroon three years ago when he attended Notes from the Heart Music Camp at The Woodlands in Wexford, Pa. The summer program is designed to bring “the joy of music to children with disabilities and chronic illness,” according to its website,

The following year, Jackson wrote his second original, “Just a Kid,” for every child who “just wants to be normal.”

“I’m talking about kids with disabilities because a lot of kids don’t get to experience what most people do,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he’s inspired by almost every genre of music, including international hits. However, there are a few artists who perk his interest when their songs start to play, such as Stevie Wonder, whose music helped keep Jackson’s spirits high during a hospital stay for back surgery.

Kevin Q Jackson II, right, and his brother Matthew Jackson performed for an audience of friends and family at the “24-karat gold” themed birthday and CD release party on Oct. 15 at the Washington Township Senior Citizen Center.

“I didn’t have a voice,” Jackson said. “They got me a radio and somebody actually made me a CD of Stevie Wonder songs; I listened to that for hours to get me motivated.”

One of six children, Jackson was raised in a music-driven home with pianos in almost every room, as well as the accessibility of drums and guitars. At the CD release party, his brother Matt, sister Evelyn, best friend Steve and his father joined Jackson in performing original and cover songs for the audience.

“He’s an inspiration,” Jackson Sr. said. “Kevin will wake up in the morning and the first thing we hear isn’t the news or an alarm clock, we hear him in there singing. I say all of the time, Kevin is the glue that has held our family together.”

Kevin Q. Jackson II released his first original CD at his “24-karat gold” themed birthday, CD release part on Oct. 15. Attendees who brought Jackson a birthday gift were gifted back with a copy of the music CD.

Surrounded by friends and family for his “24-karat gold” themed birthday and CD release celebration last weekend, Jackson sang with a smile.

“A lot of people don’t smile when they sing, but I smile when I sing, even if it’s a sad song.” Jackson said. “I’d rather be smiling than have a frown on my face.”

To receive a copy of Jackson’s “24-Karat Gold” CD, or to have him perform or speak at an upcoming event, call (856) 404–7120, or email

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