Weekly Roundup: Haunted Walkthroughs, Seneca students help the homeless in Philadelphia

In other news, Seneca announces it students of the month and its employee of the month.

Creepy Crawlings

Seneca student Luke Harris displays part of the Trail of Terror, a haunted walk through he’s been creating every Halloween in his backyard for the past five years. This is a picture of “The tunnel” before it was completely built. When finished, Harris plans to cover it with tarp and place fog machines inside to scare people when they walk through. He and his friends dress up in costumes and scare people by popping out of the windows.

For the past five years, Seneca High School student Luke Harris has been scaring friends and neighbors with the Trail of Terror, a haunted walk-through he builds in his backyard every October before Halloween.

“I like scary stuff,” he said as he showed The Sun around the trail.

Throughout the trail are skeletons, gravestones, aliens, a haunted tunnel, creepy dead baby dolls, and fences covered with fake blood designed to scare the daylights out of anybody who walks through.

The trail also utilizes sticks, cut up trees and other backyard items to add to the aesthetic. There’s a big treehouse right in the middle of the trail.

“It probably takes two or three days to set everything up,” said Luke’s dad Steve, who helps create the trail. “We try to use all the stuff in the yard.”

Seneca Students Help Homeless in Philadelphia

Student-athletes handing out food and clothing.

Seneca High School students got together for a team effort to help feed and clothe the homeless in Philadelphia. Family and Consumer Science teacher Susan Arfuso and her students in the Child Development​ course hand crafted over 200 bagged lunches. The lunches were then distributed by thirty-five student-athletes on Seneca’s Girls’ Volleyball team in Logan Square in Philadelphia, PA. The Girls’ Volleyball team also handed out socks, hats, gloves, and blankets that were purchased from money raised during a charitable event, as well as donations from team members and their families. Head Volleyball Coach and Health and Physical Education teacher Bob Colombo said, “Experiences like these transcend what we do in the classroom and on the athletic fields. On the court, there is only one winner, but giving back to the community is a win for everyone involved.”

Seneca announces students and employee of the month

Seneca High School is proud to announce the following Students of the Month for October:

Grade 9: Christopher Henry

Christopher Henry

Grade 10: Madison Miller

Madison Miller

Grade 11: Katie Gallagher

Katie Gallagher

Grade 12: Susann Foley

Susann Foley

Seneca High School’s October Employee of the Month is school counselor Chad Devino.

Chad Devino