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Clearview seniors aim to finish final tennis season strong

Clear minds, communication and endurance are key for seniors Emily Molczan and twins Saige and Chloe Simcox to reach success

Seniors and varsity tennis players Emily Molczan and twins Saige and Chloe Simcox never imagined they would individually be 13–1 leading up to the South Jersey Group 3 Quarterfinals against Lacey Township High School. Although the Clearview High School Pioneers took a 3.5–1.5 loss at the Oct. 10 game, the players and Mullica Hill residents had a positive outlook on finishing their last season strong.

Having started at the bottom of the JV lineup last year, first doubles player Molczan joined Chloe for her first year on a varsity team this season, having signed up for the Clearview girls tennis program as a sophomore.

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“I was no where close to where I am now,” Molczan said of her previous years on the team. “Our record is a big deal for me because I’ve never played a varsity sport before.”

“It feels really good to be on varsity and be able to contribute to the wins for our team,” Chloe said.

Communication is key on the courts to ensure continued success for Chloe and Molczan. According to Molczan, the partners talk more to each other during a match than they do their coaches, counter-balancing their strengths and weaknesses to improve their strategy and approach for the next set.

“Between every point, we make sure we take ownership of what we did wrong to help us with the next one,” Molczan said. “We’re pretty good at getting each other excited about the plan and the next set.”

After years of softball and basketball, sisters Chloe and Saige made the decision to switch to tennis during their freshman year. Four years later, as their final season nears an end, they are proud to have watched each other grow into the players they have become.

“I love watching her play because I know what she’s capable of and I know how good of a player she is,” Saige said of Chloe. “It’s always exciting and interesting to watch her play.”

Saige said her impressive record was a surprise to her, having never imagined she’d be a third singles player for the team, holding an overall record of 11–5 after the loss to Lacey and most recently Hammonton High School on Oct. 11.

“It feels very rewarding,” Saige said. “It’s just a good way to end my last year. It feels really nice.”

With a focus on endurance and embodying a clear mind every time she steps on the court, Saige said she tries to learn something from every match she plays.

“Singles is all on you and it’s a very mental game, all by yourself,” Saige said. “But, when I win, I know I did it all by myself.”

Molczan, Saige and Chloe said although they lost their chance to move forward in the 2017 NJSIAA tournament, they look forward to finishing the season strong with the chance to win a Tri-County Conference title this fall.


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