Palmyra Community Center, giving residents some ‘me time’ during busy fall schedules

“We try to keep a lot of the same classes and events, but can always take feedback from residents.”

“Members of the ‘Spotlighters’ theater program in Palmyra practice their lines during an Oct. 11 class at the Palmyra Community Center.” LARRY HENRY JR/The Sun.

Fall means the combination of school, sports, activities and holidays, which can take up a lot of time. The Palmyra Community Center has allowed residents to get out and enjoy themselves when they have down time in their busy schedules.

One of the leaders of the Palmyra Community Center is program coordinator Lee Stoner. Stoner is closing in on her first full year of service to the center, and is also an instructor for a drawing class for adults and a youth art class as well.

“Every fall we try to provide regular classes that allow some ‘me time’ for folks,” Stoner said. “We have a wide range of activities for all ages, and they can be both fun and informative.”

Youth classes allow students to take part in activities they may not be able to do at their schools. Children and teens can enjoy everything from Lego building and art classes to theater and music classes. The programs allow children to be able to express themselves and make new friends in the process.

“We try to keep a lot of the same classes and events, but can always take feedback from residents,” Stoner said. “We also create programs and classes that provide opportunities otherwise residents may not have, like adult acoustic guitar lessons and youth comic book drawing classes. Overall, its pretty cool.”

Many of the classes offered at the community center have no fees, while others have costs whether you want to attend once or each week. The center has also partnered with other businesses and events in town, in a way to give back to the community.

“We often support local businesses by hosting them at First Fridays, while others may feature local professionals, musicians and artists,” Stoner said. “Our Spring Art Show brings together community groups like the Palmyra PTA, Charles Street School, Palmyra High School and Girls Scouts. In the past, we have helped with blood drives with the American Red Cross, which gives residents a direct way to give back.”

A number of the class instructors come from the borough itself, while the Community Center also welcomes neighboring communities to take part in its events. As a whole, the community center is continuously growing, which Stoner enjoys the most for the future.

“I know that the program board is filling a need many towns often provide directly from within their own recreational departments, and it’s great that all the surrounding groups and clubs have a space to make their program work,” Stoner said. “I particularly enjoy watching the kids experience our classes in art, performing arts or utilizing freedom of expression in dance, acting and music.”

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