Cherry Hill ShopRite stores collecting donations for Hurricane Maria relief

All funds collected will be distributed to the United for Puerto Rico Foundation and the Salvation Army.

Ravitz Family ShopRite stores are collecting donations to assist Camden County in its effort to send aid to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Collections will be made at cash registers during checkout at Ravitz Family stores.

Participating Ravitz Family-owned locations include the ShopRite of Garden State Pavilions and Shop Rite of Evesham Road, both located in Cherry Hill.

“Our family stores are honored to assist in this critical relief effort for the children, families and residents of Puerto Rico who are suffering after a catastrophic natural disaster,” said Jason Ravitz, vice president of retail operations for Ravitz Family Markets. “The destruction of the island is absolutely devastating and for the next two weeks we will be collecting for the fund to help rebuild and stabilize the island.”

Last week, Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez talked about the moral imperative to help the millions suffering through the fallout of Hurricane Maria.

“We are looking at a disaster of epic proportions, in some neighborhoods 80 percent of the homes were destroyed and, as of today, only 45 percent of people have access to drinking water and 5 percent of the population has electricity,” Rodriguez said. “Now with the help of the Ravitz Family we can provide even more aid than we had originally expected. Donations made at Ravitz Family stores will be sent directly to the Boricuas from New Jersey para Puerto Rico fund which we’ve set up with the South Jersey Credit Union.”

The relief effort will be focused on monetary donations for those suffering on the island. Once funds are collected, culminating in an Oct. 8, statewide marathon, they will be distributed to the United for Puerto Rico Foundation and the Salvation Army.

Hurricane Maria had a devastating effect on the island of Puerto Rico bringing winds of up to 155 miles an hour to shore and never before seen surges of seawater onto the island. Since that time, the storm has created an ever-deepening humanitarian crisis for 3.4 million U.S. citizens. Now, most of the island is without power and more than one million people are without drinking water. The Camden County Freeholder Board began working with leaders from throughout the region this week, including the Puerto Rican Congress of New Jersey, in a united effort to send relief to the United States commonwealth.

For more information on the relief effort please call the Camden County Office of Hispanic Affairs at (856) 225–5312 or email them Information can also be found at the Puerto Rican Congress of New Jersey website at