Clearview receives increased ratings on district’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act assessment

Also, board approves new clubs and organizations for the Clearview community

At the Sept. 28 Board of Education meeting, Clearview Regional High School District Superintendent John Horchak III presented the district’s self-assessment results under the district’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

According to Horchak, Director of Guidance Dodd Terry and the harassment, intimidation and bullying teams of both the high school and middle school conduct the assessment, comprised of eight sections and 26 questions ranked on a four-point rubric of 0–3. Of those eight sections, the district was compliant in all but one, meaning it received at least a two in each category. The only section rated lower than a two was “school safety team professional development opportunities.”

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“At the same time last year, we had a similar finding in the middle school and we were able to remedy that in the 2016–17 school year,” Horchak said. “We will utilize the same approach to remedy the one area we were shortcoming in the high school through this upcoming year.”

This year, the district received an 86 percent for the self-assessment, with both of its schools increasing in results from previous years. According to Horchak, the middle school saw a seven-point increase from last year with a score of 67 percent, while the high school was in the 83 percentile with a result of 65 percent, an increase of six points from last year’s self-assessment.

“We continue to make progress … our reporting continues to be very consistent,” Horchak said. “If you looked at our reporting numbers relative to other districts, you’d see a pretty substantial number because we do investigate everything regardless of severity of the incident.”

Horchak said the self-assessment report will be available on the district’s website, at

In other news:

• The board voted to approve a pathways program after school to “unite students of all abilities in the Clearview community.” The program, which will take place twice a month, aims to develop respect and friendship among students with disabilities and their peers through involvement in extracurricular activities. Participating students will either ride the regular 3:30 p.m. bus home, or be picked up by parents.

• The board approved the new after-school Clearview Investment Club at Clearview Regional High School. The club’s objective is to create a space for students to “explore how the stock market works and the effects it has on investors, economy, job market and everyday people.” Through the program, students will have the opportunity to determine if they wish to pursue a career in finance, or gain knowledge on how to become a future investor.

• A district Jeans Day on Friday, Sept. 15, raised approximately $445 for the NEA Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, directly assisting educators in the region affected by the devastation in the Gulf Coast.

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