Harrison Township School District seeking feedback on potential full-day kindergarten program

The district asks parents and families directly impacted to respond through an initial survey

The Harrison Township Board of Education and administration is continually gathering and analyzing current information on the educational and overall needs of students, as well as the preferences and priorities of the full community.

As a part of this process, the district is interested in collecting feedback on the preferences of the parents of future students on their expectations for the overall kindergarten experience in Harrison.

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Currently, the Harrison Township School District offers a half day kindergarten program for the township’s youngest learners. In an effort to respond to some recent inquiries the district has received on plans to move to a full day kindergarten program, the district is collecting feedback from those parents and families who will be directly impacted with kindergarten-aged students within the next five years.

Depending on the outcome of this initial survey, additional research and data analysis may be conducted in this area in order to make the best educational and budgetary decision for the township’s children, families and full school community.

If you have a child(ren), up to 4 years old, or plan on having a child entering school within the next five to seven years, please complete this initial survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YF8CXCG, or visit the Harrison Township School District website at www.harrisontwp.k12.nj.us where you will find a direct link to the survey.

If you’d prefer not to complete the survey electronically, please contact the superintendent’s office at (856) 478–2016 for more information.

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