Sun Editorial: Helping hurricane victims

The president is right: Americans are pulling together.

By: Alan Bauer

The Sun

You may not agree with everything President Trump says, but, prior to his 9–11 ceremony comments at the Pentagon, he got one thing right. In addressing the response to recent hurricanes, he said, “When Americans are in need, Americans pull together, and we are one country.”

Americans indeed have pulled together following the death and destruction caused by the hurricanes. Mega-millions of dollars have been raised. Celebrities have donated and encouraged others to donate. The living former presidents ignored political party loyalties to raise money and promote additional giving through a public service announcement you’ve probably seen on television.

New Jersey has responded too, with troops, volunteers and utility workers making their way to communities hit hard. Animal shelters have opened their doors to take homeless pets from the regions hit by the hurricanes, so those shelters can take in animals lost or left homeless in the storms.

Town by town, The Sun is hearing about and reporting on local efforts, too. Civic groups, schools, emergency services, etc., are doing what they can. They might be hundreds of miles away from the devastation, but, well, people are in need, and it’s time to pull together. If you or your group are collecting for the hurricane victims, let us know. We’ll help spread the word.

While the weather has eased, the cleanup and rebuild remain. More is needed and will be needed to put people back on their feet.

When tragedy strikes, thoughts and prayers always are sent to the victims, and rightfully so. But money, manpower and supplies are needed too.

America stepped up in a big way to help those impacted by the hurricanes. That effort has to continue in the weeks and months ahead.