Fifth-grade readers enjoy reading experience through Book Tasting

Teachers Jacki Tiger and Matt Murray greeted a group of hungry readers on for a creative introduction to their in-class library.

Hurffville students Peter Louvaris and Raphael Makkar savor a sample from the graphic novel menu.

Hurffville Elementary School fifth-grade teachers Jacki Tiger and Matt Murray greeted a group of hungry readers on Sept. 15 for a creative introduction to their in-class library. Dressed as wait staff, Tiger and Murray welcomed the readers to their “restaurant” Book du Jour, complete with an image of crackling fire projected onto the white board, mood lighting and a menu of savory tasting samples stationed throughout the classroom, where the students were invited to sample from a menu of genres.

Sampling tables included “Chef’s Pick,” “Humor,” “Well-known Authors,” “Tough Issues,” “Sip on a Series” and the popular “Graphic Novels.” After sampling, the students were encouraged to list the titles that piqued their interest on a sheet entitled “Books I Want to Read.”

Hurffville fifth-grade teacher Jacki Tiger, dressed as a waiter, offers readers in her Book du Jour restaurant an after-dinner mint.

“This is like watching a movie trailer,” Murray told the students. “This is your way of deciding whether you would like to read the book or not.”

“We thought this would be a fun way for our students to get used to the in-class library by getting familiar and identifying books that will be a good fit for them to read this year,” Tiger said, “This will promote enjoyable, independent reading.”

Hurffville fifth-graders posed in Jacki Tiger’s and Matt Murray’s Book du Jour restaurant after enjoying a tasting of books from their in-class library.

After cycling through their tasting stations, Tiger presented the students with an after-dinner mint to cleanse their palates and conclude their time in the Book du Jour restaurant.