Weekly Roundup: Fall in love with Fall in the Pines, Wildfires in the Pinelands

In other news, Pinelands Commission pushes pipeline vote back a few days.

Falling for fall in the Pines

As the leaves turn brown and pine cones appear throughout the forests, the Pinelands towns begin to celebrate fall with an array of events spread out on the calendar. This fall’s agenda features a wide array of events perfect for the entire family, including activities that support local animal shelters, businesses and artisans.

Fire in the Pines

With headlines about dangerous wildfires scattering the nation throughout the summer, it’s easy to think wildfires, just like hurricanes and tsunamis, are forces of nature that have minimal positive effects. The less of them the better. However, according to Jaclyn Rhoads, assistant executive editor of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, this isn’t exactly the case.

“We have created this culture where wildfires are terrible, and we need to put them out right away,” she said. “In certain cases [that’s true] when people’s lives are in the way. But when they’re in remote areas, as long as people aren’t camping, it can be a good thing.”

Pinelands Commission pushes pipeline vote

The Pinelands Commission has rescheduled the Sept. 8th vote on New Jersey Natural Gas’s Southern Reliability Link pipeline for Sept. 14th. The meeting will be held at the War Memorial Theater in Trenton.

The meeting was rescheduled after the Pinelands Preservation Alliance disputed the validity of the date.

“The date of Sept. 8th violates their own rules and resolution PC4–17–10 which affords interested parties the right to request an evidentiary hearing within 15 days of the release of the Executive Director’s report, Sept 8th is only 10 days after the Executive Director’s report was issued,” said PPA Executive Director Carleton Montgomery before the vote was rescheduled.