Pinelands Commission pushes pipeline vote

After a complaint from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, the commission pushed the vote back from Sept. 8 to Sept. 14.

The Pinelands Commission has rescheduled the Sept. 8th vote on New Jersey Natural Gas’s Southern Reliability Link pipeline for Sept. 14th. The meeting will be held at the War Memorial Theater in Trenton.

The meeting was rescheduled after the Pinelands Preservation Alliance disputed the validity of the date.

“The date of Sept. 8th violates their own rules and resolution PC4–17–10 which affords interested parties the right to request an evidentiary hearing within 15 days of the release of the Executive Director’s report, Sept 8th is only 10 days after the Executive Director’s report was issued,” said PPA Executive Director Carleton Montgomery before the vote was rescheduled.

“It was never staff’s intent to limit the ability of a party with requisite standing to file an appeal request in the New Jersey Natural Gas matter,” said the commission in a letter to the PPA. “In light of the inconsistency, and being cognizant of the time commitment of the Commissioners who volunteer their time to serve on the Commission, the Commission has decided to reschedule its Sept. meeting to Sept. 14, 2017.”