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Letter to the editor: Quakers encourage respectful conduct

A letter on the behalf of the Mullica Hill Friends Meeting

The country is currently highly fraught with conflict. The fractious and divisive political climate; the killing of people of color by police officers and the tragic retaliatory killing of police officers; and street demonstrations which become confrontational stand-offs between “us” vs. “them” all contribute to a seemingly endless cycle of hate and distrust.

We are all capable of prejudice and malice toward others. But we are equally capable of love, understanding, and compassion toward our fellow human beings, and that is where our better nature lies. The founder of our Quaker faith, George Fox, once wrote that he saw “an ocean of darkness and death; but also an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. In that also I saw the infinite love of God…”

The Mullica Hill Friends Meeting encourages all to be mindful of that fact and to engage in appropriate thinking and respectful conduct in all encounters — large and small, close-by and remote — which can contribute a positive response in the effort toward resolution. It is only when an ocean of light can overcome an ocean of darkness that the country can know reconciliation.

In friendship and brotherhood,

Jeff Summerton, clerk, on behalf of the members of the Mullica Hill Friends Meeting (Quakers)

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