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Letter to the Editor: J. Lindsay Fuller

Fuller weighs in on offshore drilling in his letter to the editor.

In your Sept. 5, 2017, Mr. James Mullin wrote stating that Congressman MacArthur’s stance on oil drilling is concerning.

First off, MacArthur has not taken a public position on offshore drilling. Mr. Mullin nevertheless takes MacArthur to task regardless. This country needs additional oil and gas plus we need the transport systems such as pipelines to move the products to where we need it. Hurricane Harvey has caused damage to the nation’s refining capacity causing temporary shortages that have raised prices and required the importation of foreign gasoline mostly from Europe.

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While there have been several incidents where there have been leaks, there are other serious weather incidents that caused no leaks at all. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita both transited the Gulf of Mexico without causing any oil leaks from the rigs or the pipelines. In fact, the upgraded engineering of the pipelines in the Gulf actually allow the pipelines to be emptied and then remotely disassembled into sections prior to storms to mitigate storm related damage. Divers and crews then reassemble the pipeline sections after the storm, and the pipelines are put back in service.

Mr. Mullin then makes another error of fact. MacArthur does not have any of Long Beach Island in his Congressional District. In fact, Congressman Frank LoBiondo’s district encompasses all of Long Beach Island.

Lastly, I am tired of complainers putting words in politicians’ mouths. The media is doing this with President Trump and his administration. If you can’t make accurate statements, don’t make any at all.


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