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Sun Editorial: Labor Day is soon upon us

Do not let the summer end without having a really, really good time.

By Alan Bauer
The Sun

Holidays run the gamut, from the serious to those, such as Independence Day, where having fun is also a big part. Labor Day definitely belongs in the latter category.

President Cleveland — he of the non-consecutive terms and possible illegitimate child, and therefore target of the derisive slogan “Ma, ma, where’s my Pa?” “Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha” — signed the holiday into law in 1894. Now everybody gets the first Monday in September off. While Memorial Day deserves its own, specific date, Labor Day is perfect for a three-day weekend.

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It’s perfect because it is a day to celebrate working men and women, and what better way to do that than to give them a three-day weekend?

To keep things in perspective, you have to recall the era in which Labor Day was born. You think you have it tough now? Working conditions in the 1800s were atrocious. Ridiculously long work weeks for ridiculously low wages in often ridiculously dangerous situations. Workers grew tired of it, protested, organized, walked in parades, etc., Heck yeah, they deserved at least one day a year in their honor. They earned it.

So you owe it to the workers of yesteryear and today to party hard this weekend. Safe, by all means, no drunk driving, but hard nonetheless.

Honor them with a backyard barbecue, last fling at the Shore, day at the ballpark or whatever makes you happy.

It’s unofficially the last day of summer. Pools are closing. It’s the beginning of the school year. It’s the final day you can wear white until Memorial Day (nah, just kidding; while we don’t possess Kardashianesque fashion sense, we think wearing white year-round is now OK).

Use these three days for a final blowout of 2017, or at least something to hold you over until New Year’s Eve.

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