Weekend Roundup: Tabernacle, Lenape districts get ready for the school year

In other news, the Medford Police Department’s officers will begin wearing body cameras beginning next month.

Lenape Regional High School District opens Sept. 5 for 2017–2018 school year

Looking forward to the start of school this year, Lenape Regional High School District Superintendent Carol Birnbohm spoke at this week’s BOE meeting on how district staff spent their time this summer in numerous professional development classes.

Birnbohm said 18 teachers went to Advanced Placement workshops to get updated on the latest Advanced Placement assessments and to better understand how students can reach the scores of three, four and five on AP exams that most colleges accept as credit toward certain classes.

Tabernacle Superintendent Glenn Robbins looks forward to the new school year

As the Tabernacle School District nears the beginning of the 2017–2018 school year, Superintendent Glenn Robbins says students and parents can expect a few changes. Curriculum-wise, the district plans to implement more projects into students’ learning endeavors.

“One of the big pushes that we’re going to have this year will be design thinking,” Robbins said.

“Think Elon Musk.”

Medford Township Police Officers to begin wearing body worn cameras

Medford Township Police Chief Richard J. Meder announced today that beginning September 1, 2017, all Medford Police Officers will be equipped with body worn cameras.

Medford Township joins a growing number of Burlington County Police Departments and police departments nationwide in deploying the cameras.

According to the police department, “the goal of this program is to foster a greater level of trust and transparency within the community.”