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Sun Editorial: ‘Garden State’ is a really boring slogan

The state can do better. Send us your suggestions.

Gov. Christie recently made “Garden State” the official state slogan. It’s a safe, but rather boring, choice.

The state, of course, always can change its mind (see “legalized sports betting”), so let’s try to do better. After all, public votes on slogans aren’t new. Gov. Codey, who took over after Jim McGreevey (we won’t go in to possible slogans for that administration), held a contest in 2005. The winner, “New Jersey: Come See for Yourself,” never caught on, partly because other states had used it.

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So perhaps Sun readers can help with their suggestions. Some possibilities include the serious:

“The Best Kept Secret”

“Crossroads of the American Revolution”

“More Than the Shore”

“New Jersey and You: Perfect Together” (actually used in the 1980s)

Or the irreverent: “Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted” (suggested, and rejected, in 2005)

“We Can Always Use Another Relative on the Government Payroll”

“Because They Had to Put the Road from Philly to NYC Somewhere”

“Getting in is Free. Getting Out is Not”

“New Jersey: Taxing Property, Income, Sales, Gas, Dreams, Whatever”

“We Complain About Our Politicians and Then Re-elect Them”

Or traffic-related:

“Turn Signals and Speed Limits are Optional”

“Slowing Down to Rubber-Neck Someone Changing a Flat Tire is Mandatory”

“Honking Your Horn the Instant a Light Turns Green is Considered a Safe Driving Tip”

So do you have a slogan suggestion? If so, send it to us so we can publish it. Do not send it to the governor or any legislator. They can’t even pick a state song.

Yes, New Jersey is the only state without an official song. And we have Bruce Springsteen. Just pick a Springsteen song already. Any Springsteen song.


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