Weekly Roundup: Mt. Laurel MUA plan work on Hartford Road in September, police hold junior academy

Also read about this week’s Mt. Laurel Township Council meeting.

Whether it’s upcoming work by the MUA or stories about the police and fire departments, catch up on the week that was with The Sun’s “Weekly Roundup” feature.

Mt. Laurel Police hold second annual Junior Police Academy

Mt. Laurel Police Officer Lester Hann speaks to students at last week’s Mt. Laurel Junior Police Academy about the need for police to train on an Emergency Vehicle Operator Course.

It was a lesson in law enforcement for students this week when the Mt. Laurel Police Department held its second annual Junior Police Academy. The five-day program was open to students in grades six and seven who had an interest in learning about the department and some of the issues and challenges facing Mt. Laurel’s officers.

Mt. Laurel MUA expected to begin major sewer main replacement work on Hartford Road in September

According to the Mt. Laurel MUA, the MUA is expected to begin major sewer main replacement work on Hartford Road in September. The MUA says the roadway will be closed to through traffic from Union Mill Road to Route 38 with detours in place. According to the MUA, the project’s contractor is developing an access plan for residents, emergency vehicles, school buses, etc., and the MUA will continue to provide updates as it receives them.

Mount Laurel Fire Department looks for new volunteers to serve department

The Mt. Laurel Fire Department is seeking new volunteers to serve the department. To learn more about volunteering with the Mount Laurel Fire Department, visit www.mountlaurelfire.com or email Chief John Colucci at john.colucci@moutlaurelfire.org. Read more about the need to attract new volunteers here.

Mt. Laurel AARP Chapter to begin 2017–2018 season on Sept. 7

The Mt. Laurel AARP Chapter 4003 will hold its first meeting of the new season on Thursday, Sept. 7, at 1 p.m., in the Mt. Laurel Community Center, 100 Mt. Laurel Rd and Walt Whitman Ave. The group says it is pleased to welcome Marisa Bozarth as the speaker at the meeting. Bozarth will give the chapter insight into Ellis H. Parker, the “Sherlock Holmes of America”.

Mt. Laurel Council to alter rules for solar panels at businesses and digital signs for gas stations

Mt. Laurel township planner Joseph Petrongolo spoke at this week’s council meeting to discuss changes requested by the zoning board to allow motor vehicle service stations to use digital signs for fuel pricing and allow for commercial businesses to install solar panels on their roofs. Under current ordinances, any business interested in the digital signs or solar panels must gain a variance from the zoning board, many of which Petrongolo said have been granted in recent years.