Letter to the editor: Setting the record straight on tax hike

The writer provides information on property assessments and property taxes

Re: “Disapproval over higher tax bill” letter to the editor in Aug. 9–15 issue:

If the mayor replies to your question, I’m not sure what she might say, but here’s some information I believe to be accurate that may help you.

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The state might increase its demands on the county pushing taxes higher. This is not something that can be controlled from within the county budget. I believe New Jersey is in the bottom 5 percent of fiscally efficient states, so, the state might be requiring more and more each year.

Also, if you are gleaning property value from the assessed value on your preliminary tax bill, you could be getting the wrong idea. The assessed value is the value on which your taxes are based. This frequently has no reflection on what your property is actually worth. The lower the assessed value, the less taxes you pay. This also depends on improvements to your property and your surrounding area. I claim no expertise here; this is just my opinion.

Donald Whitelock

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