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‘Everyone dances their own way’

Mitchell Savitsky, 11, finds his rhythm in new Macklemore music video

Washington Township’s latest celebrity Mitchell Savitsky, 11, has a passion for dance, acting and modeling. Recently, he had the opportunity to play the part of young Macklemore, rapper, singer and songwriter, in the his new music video “Marmalade.”

Mitchell Savitsky’s parents knew to put him into dance classes at the age of four, when he created a dance circle on the boardwalk to the music playing on a nearby amusement ride. Seven years later, Mitchell’s passion has led him to modeling, acting and most recently, a major role in the famous rapper, singer and songwriter Macklemore’s music video, “Marmalade,” featuring rapper and singer Lil Yachty.

Mitchell played the role of a young Macklemore running the town behind the wheel of a Mercedes Maybach with the younger Lil Yachty, making stops to buy expensive jewelry, steal a football jersey representing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and meet up with Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, followed by a pool party and dance circle highlighting their moves.

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Mitchell said he spent six days on the West coast, where the video was primarily filmed in Seattle, Wash., and Oakland, Calif. The natural brunette is a close replication of Macklemore after having cut, bleached and dyed his hair for the part.

“It took me two days to learn the lyrics and how to rap,” Mitchell said. “When I got to Seattle, Macklemore showed me how to smile and rap at the same time. It just felt like he was a normal person. He was just chill and nice; it was awesome.”

As a member of the I Am Phresh Dance Academy in Philadelphia, Mitchell was considered for the role after his choreographer Reggie Oliver recommended him to Macklemore’s team. Mitchell said he heard he got the part just two days after submitting his audition tape.

“All of the kids were from Seattle; I was the only person from outside of Seattle,” Mitchell said. “I got to meet a lot of new people.”

The music video has gained more than 13 million views since Macklemore LLC published it on YouTube on Aug. 2.

“It feels so cool knowing more than 13 million people have seen me in that video,” Mitchell said. “It makes me feel amazed at how many views it got.”

The incoming Orchard Valley Middle School sixth-grader first took dance lessons for hip-hop, later adding lyrical and ballet. Presently, Mitchell trains at both I Am Phresh Dance Academy in Philadelphia and Noelle’s Dance Academy in Mantua Township, and is also fluent in jazz, tap, musical theatre and contemporary.

“Its just so fun to dance, everyone dances — everyone dances their own way — and I want to dance because it’s an awesome form of art,” Mitchell said. “You see all these people on TV dancing for competition, I want to be a professional dancer so I can get on TV or do something involving dance.”

Mitchell said in the summer, he’s practicing dance at least four times a week, and once the regular dance season begins in the fall, it increases to about seven days a week. Although his dance schedule, work, competitions and more cause Mitchell to miss school, he said he stays balanced and retains an A or B grade average.

“He’s constantly training,” Mitchell’s mom Mandy Savitsky said. “If he’s not training he’s auditioning, and if he’s not auditioning, he’s on set, all while going to school. It’s all a balance.”

Savitsky said dance has catapulted him into numerous opportunities, such as a role in a Warren Buffet HBO documentary and many TV shows, including Fox network’s Gotham and Good Day Philadelphia.

“He’s just a natural in front of the camera and in front of an audience,” Savitsky said. “The more pumped up the audience is, or the more people start hooting and hollering, it just feeds him; gives him life.”

Mitchell said he was often bullied when friends and classmates first found out he was taking dance lessons, however he used that negative feedback to become a supporter of anti-bullying and self-empowerment. Mitchell encourages others to be who they are, regardless of what anyone says through his original hashtag “#BeUniquelyYou.”

“It started because he did get bullied and teased in school because he was taking ballet,” Savitsky said. “A lot of kids don’t understand and that’s where he comes into play with utilizing his hashtag and putting the word out there that it’s OK to be who you are, regardless of your hobbies, what you look like, what you like to wear, what color your hair is — just as long as you’re you.”

Savitsky said Mitchell is signed with the talent agency Clear Talent Group in New York City, but she manages and finds the majority of his work — mainly non-speaking roles so far, but focuses on opportunities that will not only help him move forward, but also offer on-the-job training to learn from other talent and directors.

“He’s had great opportunities and its just beginning; he’s scratching the surface,” Savitsky said. “He’s dedicated. I always say this life is not for everyone; you have to really want it, and your parents have to want it more. It’s a commitment.”


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