Mullica Hill food pantry seeking donations to feed local families in need

Once a month, Your Place at the Table, located at Trinity United Methodist Church, helps families and individual in need of groceries

What a great feeling when summer is here, school is out and we are planning when we can get to the beach. For some families, however, there are no plans of going to the beach. For these families, their only plans involve figuring out how to feed themselves and their children.

Where do these families go to get food for their children? There is some help in areas such as Camden, but what about Mullica Hill? Your Place at the Table, located at Trinity United Methodist Church focuses on helping families and individuals with groceries once a month. Most of the families have a working adult in their household, yet they do not earn enough money to make ends meet.

For the past five years, this outreach would not have been possible without the support of the community. YPATT has been able to keep shelves stocked by generous donations from school food drives, swim clubs, various scouting groups, soccer teams, In Between Girls, the Witches of East Greenwich, local farms, Century Savings Bank, Trinity Mullica Hill’s congregation and the Quaker Meeting House.

Further, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Cake Boutique and Harrison House Diner provide the families with fresh baked pies to go along with their holiday meals. Rotary of Mullica Hill has also been volunteering their time and support in multiple ways, including keeping the electricity on for a family that was about to have it shut off.

How can you help? Food drives provide the greatest assistance by keeping shelves stocked for those in need, and to expand to more families in the community. There are more than 200 families who are eligible for food, yet reaching them is only possible when there are food items to distribute. You can make a difference even if it is a single box of cereal.

If you are in need of food and live within Harrison, South Harrison, Elk Township, East Greenwich or Mantua, feel free to contact YPATT at (609) 202–0015, or visit the website,