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Weekly Roundup: Get Your Pet’s Chip Checked

National Night Out

The third annual NNO happened on Aug. 1 at Connolly Park. It was a blast and lots of people showed up to enjoy the event!

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The rock painting group has taken off and now a lot of residents have started to get involved! Check out the story: https://voorheessun.com/voorheesrocks-is-getting-kids-out-and-active-6809536bb42e

Pastor Jeff Bills of Hope Church

This week the Sun talked to Pastor Jeff Bills about his journey to becoming a pastor! It’s pretty neat! Check it out: https://voorheessun.com/a-reluctant-pastor-aa1a02193e8a

Check Your Chip Day

National “check your chip day” is Aug. 14 and Aug. 15. Animal shelters will be offering up to 500 free chips. If you already have a chip, you can get it checked and get a new pet ID for only $5.00. Participating animal shelters are the Animal Adoption Center, Animal Wellfare Association, and the Camden County Animal Shelter.

Virtua is at the top of the health information technology

For the fourth consecutive year, Virtua has been named one of the Most Wired Hospitals and Health Systems in the U.S. by the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. To read more: https://voorheessun.com/virtua-at-the-top-of-health-information-technology-8cf4c83a9cf8


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