#VoorheesRocks is getting kids out and active

“Voorhees Rocks has been a wonderful concept for our community.” -Mayor Mignogna

#VoorheesRocks has taken social media and the town by storm. Rock painting groups are brightening the days of people across the nation. The nationwide event is about getting people out and meeting people. It’s a way for people to connect with other people.

The way this works is someone paints a rock, hides it and then post clues as to where it could be found at in a Facebook group. The person who finds the rock posts in the group saying where they found it at and gives a clue as to where they re-hid it.

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Cory Fedore, the woman who started the rock painting in Voorhees, got the idea from friends in other towns and her brother who lives in Richmond, Va.

“They were doing it there … I was looking for things for the kids to do that didn’t involve technology,” Fedore said.

Before the Facebook Page, Voorhees Rocks, was set up, Fedore had her children paint a bunch of rocks. The day the Facebook page was launched was the same day her children and her went around town and hid the rocks.

“I invited probably 40 people who I knew lived in Voorhees that had children,” Fedore said about how many were invited to the page the first day it was launched. “Within the week [the page had been set up], we had gone to the swim club in Voorhees and the kids wanted to hide some there … as we were sitting there, the kids were finding them and showing them to their parents. They were super excited.”

Residents around Voorhees have gotten excited about the community group and have posted clues in the Facebook page. Even Mayor Michael Mignogna has participated.

“Voorhees Rocks has been a wonderful concept for our community. This is the first summer Voorhees has participated,” Mignogna said. “Families spend time together painting rocks, hiding rocks and searching for rocks. Finding a rock has brought a smile to many residents, especially children. Many of the hidden rocks carry sentimental messages and some are simply for fun. I got involved and hid four rocks around town that have been found!”

Residents in the community love the project and have expressed a lot of positivity and excitement toward it.

“Voorhees Rocks is great! My daughter, Reagan, loves heading out to parks or stores and looking for rocks. We just painted our first set together to hide. The sense of community shown with this project is awesome to witness and be a part of!” Elizabeth Niwore said.

Brenda Fisher said, “We are enjoying this two ways as a creative outlet for me and my son. Also a way to get out and about town, connect with people in a different way. I am really enjoying the posts and creativity.”

Some rocks have been decorated for sentimental reasons and others have been decorated for fun.

“My sons love to paint and hide rocks, but it’s so much funner to find them and post them on our Facebook page. The thrill of seeing who found our rocks is the best, said my 9-year-old son, CJ Barcia. He enjoys watching where in town his rocks travel to! We have even had rock painting parties!” Nicole Mazure said. “This is a great way to stay connected as a community, meet new people virtually, and keeps the kids active while using creativity!”

Mimmy Magette and her 11-year old daughter Leia painted a coexist rock that consists of various religious symbols.

“I think it represents our multicultural town of many diverse religions perfectly,” Magette said.

Fedore hopes the rock painting continues just to keep everybody talking and getting to know each other.

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