Summer Stage video film premiere on Aug. 4

18 original short films will be screened

Summer Stage video film students will screen 18 original short films at the video film premiere. It will be held in Dennis Flyer Theatre, Camden County College on Friday, Aug. 4, 7:00 p.m. This premiere marks the culmination of a seven-week program during which students participate in the entire process of creating a film, from screenwriting and story boarding to shooting and editing. Twenty students are enrolled in the program, two groups of two are collaborating on their films.

The premiere features films of styles ranging from comedy, romance, action, parody, to horror. The program is directed by Dan Marino, a graduate of Temple University’s Film and Media Arts Program. This is his first year directing the Summer Stage program.

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“This is a great program for kids who are interested in learning about film as a potential career, major in college, or just for fun. The kids put forth so much effort into their films from writing, to casting, to costumes, to set dressing. They start by pitching their ideas. Some were ready for this on day one. I’m so impressed with this group, said Marino.

A four-year veteran of the program, Cameron Phillips of Erial, shared his Summer Stage Video Film experience. “For me, making films is a form of art. It’s a way to connect with others and express yourself. I like to show my work in the premiere each year and look forward to that. My film is a drama involving detectives interrogating a little girl,” said Phillips. “I’ve learned a lot along the way this year from Dan. It’s great having him here this year.”

Victoria Karpowicz, of Blackwood, another program veteran, said, “This is my fourth year in the film program after doing two years of Children’s Theater. I have made so many friends at Summer Stage and so many wonderful memories. Each year there are new staff members who teach me different things about making films and each year my film making skills get better and stronger. Premiere night is always amazing. I love showing everyone my films so they can appreciate my hard work and share my vision. I love to get feedback from the audience on my film and seeing my film on the big screen. . Each year I try to do something different and I think this year my film shows a maturity that I didn’t have last year. I am very proud and excited for everyone to see it!”

In addition to Marino, the film program staff includes: Donavon Schmidt, assistant director, Trae Summiel, production assistant, and interns Joe Cella, Brandon Donahue and Connor Poisel.

Tickets to the video film premiere are $12 for adults/$10 for children and can be purchased in advance at, or at the door on premiere night. For more information, please call (856) 227–3091.

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