Officer Floyd Hazzard helping encourage others in Burlington Township

The Burlington Township Officer has served the community for 15+ years.

“Officer Floyd Hazzard of Burlington Township is involved with many programs in the community.” Larry Henry Jr/The Sun

For many people deciding on a career in law enforcement, it may be a hard and lengthy process. For some, it may come as a youngster, while others may begin considering it as they begin their collegiate years.

For Burlington Township Police Officer Floyd Hazzard, the decision came during his years as a Burlington Township High School student.

“I became interested in law enforcement while at BTHS,” Hazzard said. “I later graduated with my diploma in 1986 and later attended Burlington County College.”

Hazzard studied criminal justice for two years at BCC, and got his first call working for State Corrections from 1997 to 2002. He then made the jump to the Burlington Township Police Department in 2002, and has been there for the past 15 years.

The 48-year-old has helped make a difference in the township in a number of ways, which is “flattering to see.”

“I am also a resource officer for the Burlington Township School District, so I get to spend time with the kids every day,” Hazzard said. “You find yourself involved in almost every aspect of a child’s life, from engaging in conversations to helping them while they are in need. It is definitely the most rewarding.”

Hazzard also helps with the annual Youth Police Academy, which teaches children the duties of the fire department, the police department and the EMS. Each year the class is put through a weekly set of activities, and is rewarded with a graduation at the end.

“Helping with the Youth Police Academy is an awesome experience, and it’s exciting to meet the children that are interested in learning about our different departments in town,” Hazzard said.

Other than his everyday duties of being an active member on the force, Hazzard enjoys spending time with his family and children. Also, attending the gym and staying in shape is a must for his job.

“I’m a homebody, I enjoy spending time with my family and especially my kids,” Hazzard said.

Growing up, Hazzard began thinking of law enforcement by himself, with no family members involved with the police force. The officer does have “several close friends that are both officers and state troopers.”

The Burlington Township native praised his parents for being his role models, and continuing to be there for him.

“My parents always encourage me in every aspect of life, and have always motivated me to be successful with any task at hand,” Hazzard said.

For anyone who would like to take the law enforcement route to a career, it is a very rewarding one, Hazzard said.

“Working in law enforcement is a highly rewarding career that can lead to many opportunities and also a sense of pride in providing safety and security to your community,” Hazzard said. “I hope my actions will either help someone in need or encourage someone to follow in my footsteps.”

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