Shopping Center Redevelopment Plan adopted at Cinnaminson Committee meeting

Cinnaminson Committee plans future redevelopment on Rt. 130.

Colonial Square Shopping Center and nearby properties are expected to be redeveloped after discussion at the July 17 Cinnaminson Committee meeting.

The future redevelopment has been in the plans for Cinnaminson Mayor Anthony Minniti, who is also in charge of economic development in the town.

“We have been looking at this area since 2007–08, after we did reconstruction of the five points intersection,” Minniti said.

The proposal, which was brought up at last Monday’s committee meeting, was adopted as a resolution. DelCo Construction LLC and the township agreed to work together for the development of the shopping center, and four to five nearby properties.

The resolution paved the way to a unanimous vote on another resolution, which will call for the planning board to explore whether certain areas along Route 130 fall into the category of “areas in need of redevelopment or rehabilitation.”

Redevelopment is to come in two phases, with the first focusing on Colonial Square. The second phase would extend down the Branch Pike jughandle.

The planning board is set to meet next on July 25, at 6:30 p.m.

“We will now wait until we receive a recommendation from the Planning Board to move forward with this process,” Minniti said.

In other news:

• Deputy Mayor William Young urged attendees to follow the guidelines regarding brush pickup in town. Brush must be placed on the curb at 7 a.m. on the Monday of the collection week.

“Members in the community are not following these guidelines,” Young said. “Members are not supposed to leave their brush and trash out on the curbs longer than it needs to be.”

Brush and leaves can only be placed curbside for collection one week prior to the beginning of the week of scheduled pickup. For more information regarding brush pickup, check the Department of Public Works website at

• The township will begin repaving roads around the municipal building on Aug 4. Throughout August, several other roads throughout town will also be paved. Villinger Avenue, Calhoun Street, Jefferson Street, Madison Street, Lilac Lane and parts of Union Landing Road are on the agenda.

• Committeeman Donald Brauckmann reminded members of town about the weekly summer concert series, which will run until Aug 10.

“It is a nice event each week that can be enjoyed by the community,” he said.

• Committeeman John McCarthy introduced the National Night Out event for the township, which will take place on Aug 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This event will feature fireworks, a professional BMX show, live music, food vendors and much more at Memorial Park.

• During the public comment portion of the meeting, residents expressed issues regarding asphalt problems and potholes on Edgewood Lane, while another issue was both crossing guards and streetlights are needed in separate areas of town. The lack of crossing guards on New Albany Road could be a hazard, especially with the upcoming school year approaching, the residents said.