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Sgt. Jeremy Jankowski making a difference in Palmyra Community

Sgt. Jankowski moving his way up in Palmyra Police Department.

“Sgt. Jeremy Jankowski poses for a photo at the Palmyra Police Department last Friday” Larry Henry Jr/The Sun.

For most people, being active is an important part of their daily agenda. For Palmyra Police Sgt. Jeremy Jankowski, that is a huge part of his plans as he continues to make a difference in the town. The 28-year-old Delran native has always enjoyed being active, which is a reason why he pursued law enforcement as a career.

“I’ve always been an active person growing up. I enjoyed playing sports, working out, and I knew going into law enforcement would continue that trend of being active,” Jankowski said.

Jankowski graduated Delran High School in 2007 before attending Burlington County College for two years. After his time at BCC, Jankowski attended Wilmington University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and a master’s degree in homeland security. Jankowski knew during his high school years law enforcement was what he wanted to pursue.

“My uncle was a state trooper, which kept law enforcement on my radar, but I totally wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives,” Jankowski said.

Recently, Jankowski has made a difference in the borough, taking over the Youth Police Academy, Citizens Police Academy and Senior Citizens Academy. These programs allow Jankowski and the entire police department to interact with members of the community and strengthen the bond between the police force and the townspeople.

“These programs allow us to get to know the community better, but also help them get to know us,” Jankowski said. “We do more community events now than when I started, which helps the townspeople become more comfortable around us.”

Palmyra Police Department is a smaller department than others, with a maximum of 18 officers on the force. Despite the small size, Jankowski has enjoyed the tight-knit group the department has.

“There are a lot of close relationships here, and everyone knows everyone. When a wedding occurs, the whole department is there. We hang outside of work, it’s just a great atmosphere,” Jankowski said.

Paired with the hard-working attitude, Jankowski has had some great inspiration in his corner not only in his studies, but in his everyday career. Jankowski took over as sergeant for Joseph Osinski who served his final day with the force on May 31. Osinski served the Palmyra Police Department for 27 years, and was praised by Jankowski for his mentoring.

“I have worked with great officers along the way and I cannot thank them enough,” Jankowski said. “Sgt. Osinski has been a great mentor for me, while Sgt. Covelevski is one of my best friends.”

Jankowski has worked his way up on the force, and could not believe when he was promoted to sergeant. Helped by the support of his parents along the way, the Delran resident made sure they stood with him during his promotion.

“The coolest thing was having my parents with me during the ceremony,” Jankowski said. “My mom held the Bible for me, while my dad pinned my badge on which was just an awesome experience.”

For more information about the Palmyra Police Department’s academies, please call (856) 829–0198, email police@boroughofpalmyra.com, or check the Palmyra Police Department NJ Facebook page.

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