Burlington Township Police keeping people even safer during tough temperatures

Due to rising temperatures in the summer, everyone’s health can be at risk.

As the calendar turns to July, many people are enjoying backyard barbeques, heading to the beach and attending pool parties. However, a more serious issue is the rising temperature, which can cause health problems for small children all the way up to senior citizens.

Since 2004, the Burlington Township Police Department has volunteered to check on citizens through the hot summers and the bitter cold winters.

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“We have had this program officially since 2004, and we do not set any mandatory age ranges,” BTPD Lt. James Sullivan said. “We also liaison with community organizations, faith-based organizations, etc. to identify ‘at risk’ individuals.”

When the temperature rises too high or drops too low, the police department begins its service by calling a participant. If the department cannot make contact through a phone call, an officer on duty will check the participant’s residence to make sure they are safe.

This service adds another level of safety in the township. The number of participants has increased.

“Right now, we have approximately 35 participants using this service,” Sullivan said. “If anyone else would like to be a part of it, we will certainly add them to the list.”

With their already busy schedules in keeping the township safe, officers appreciate the program as well as the townspeople.

“The community is very open to this program and always shows signs of appreciation to us,” Sullivan said. “As well as this program to help keep our townspeople safe in certain climates, the community also appreciates other initiatives we have.”

The service has seen some small tweaks this year but overall it has stayed the same. The community has worked to keep officers informed, while the officers remain open to the community. The service has been a nice coming together between the police force and the community as a whole, which has continued to strengthen the bond between the pair, officials said.

“We are proud of our community, and we find this as another service to help keep our townspeople safe,” Sullivan said.

For more information about this service, contact Community Resource Bureau Supervisor Sgt. Arthur Gittens at (609) 239–5854 or agittens74@burltwppd.com.

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