Traveling Lantern Theatre: July 13 at Cinnaminson Public Library

“The Ribbles Build a Residence” coming to Cinnaminson Library.

Join the Cinnaminson Public Library on July 13 at 6:30 p.m. for the Traveling Lantern Theatre’s showing of “The Ribbles Build a Residence”.

This event is good for both kids and families and registration is not required. Celebrate Summer Reading and learn about “Building a Better World” by playing games and discover basic building techniques.

Enjoy some background on the story: Soon after their lovely insect nuptials Mr. and Mrs. Ribble are expecting a baby Ribblet, and they need a new home for their family! Mr. Ribble wants to go big with a four grasshopper garage, but Mrs. Ribble convinces him to build a dream home that is more environmentally and neighborhood friendly.