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Letter to the Editor: Kathy Collier

Moorestown resident Kathy Collier gives her take on local dog waste disposal.

I live in Northwest Estates, and I am getting disgusted with people walking their dogs in our area and dropping their little bags of dog poop (purple, blue and of course white bags) into the sewer drain because they are too lazy to carry it home and throw it in their own garbage.

All those drains are labeled that you are not to drop trash into them as it destroys the environment. Those bags do not simply disappear; they flow into my neighbor’s beautiful pond across from my home on Bartram.

Those bags are now floating in the pond along with the ducks and geese and other wild life that call that pond home. One of my own neighbors does it because he is too lazy to carry it back to his house. If you cannot pick up after your dogs, do not get one. Carry your own trash back to your house or the nearest garbage can. Stop destroying this beautiful pond.

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