The engagement story of Natasha Wyatt and Mr. Jones

A blessing and beginning to their forever after

By Natasha Wyatt

Hello My Name is Natasha Wyatt… soon to be a Mrs. Jones. My fiance’s name is Jason. We have been together for eight long years…lol. This has been a long and at times tiresome journey but it was definitely worth the trip. We got engaged this year on my birthday March 10. I had a birthday dinner planned. We had reservations at Fogo de Chao in center city. I heard so many great things about the restaurant and I could hardly wait. We’ve gone back & fourth about how and when he would finally do it. Actually argued 1 week before about it. But unknown to me the ring was already brought. Some of my close friends and my mom knew it was happening that night. But not everyone. We arrived at the restaurant for our 8pm reservation. As we were waiting to be seated he grew more antsy. I was so happy to see everyone i paid it no mind as we all took selfies during the wait. We were finally seated. And because he was so nervous he couldn’t wait a second longer. And told me to stand up. My reply was “Why?? We just sat down.” I stood back up. I cant remember exactly what he said. But my heart was beating so fast and my hands began to sweat. He got on 1 knee and our love ones pulled out their phones & began to record. I cried like a baby as our table and the restaurant cheered & applauded. The ring was to small but as long as i waited i tried to force that thing as best i could.. Lol. We now have that special moment on video. But now the hard part begins. The Wedding Planning. We have a date with a vision but no savings. It’s very hard to give up that dream wedding. We’ve been thru so much i dont want to loose this special time. To win this would be a dream come true. A blessing and the beginning to our ever after.