The engagement story of Meria Hackett and John Lord

A connection on an AOL chat room

By Meria Hackett and John Lord

John and I met back in June of 2008.

We met thru an online chat room on AOL. I was just starting as a mom of two sons with Autism to get my feet wet again so to say. After a seven-year relationship.

We spoke online for the most part for a good month. Then after a phone call one night we decided to meet at The Palace Diner in Berlin. We never made it into the diner that night. We spent four hours talking outside of our cars in the parking lot. We talked about our life, what we were looking and hoping for, our families etc

Fast forward about 5months later I had John meet the boys. I remember his expression when I told him about them. As a mom of special needs you don’t know how someone would respond. He looked at me and said “ don’t worry they will like me”.

In 2014 we had set a date. John asked the boys permission to marry him. He became a Dad to them in so many words.

Unfortunately after deposits, appointments, plans. John lost his job at Showboat Casino & within months I lost my job of 19 years at Kmart. We lost everything for Our Wedding. However we knew our focus was on our family. We needed to regroup for them.


We are finally back on track with Our Lives. Both landed great jobs with promising futures.

We are now just missing Our Dream Wedding. We will be celebrating 9yrs on June 21st. Would love to have Our Family become one. My boys to walk me down the aisle. To finally say We Did It, Just Married.

We worked so hard to get Ourselves back. We just don’t have the money to give us this one last thing.