Letter to the Editor: Robert Butler

As a longtime member of the Cinnaminson Republican Club, I find the recent political campaign mailer put out by Township Committeeman Tony Minniti to be absolutely disgraceful.

He and his campaign team of other party insiders should be ashamed of themselves. This mailing is no way to treat fellow Republicans and it is unbecoming of true Republican values.

Ernie McGill and Ryan Horner may be newly registered Republicans, but having known both men for a long time, I know they uphold real Republican values and principles. That is more than I can say about Tony Minniti, who is a Republican in name only. The way he has managed the finances of Cinnaminson Township is the furthest thing from fiscal conservative Republican values that one could possibly imagine from someone who calls themselves a Republican. This year, he is increasing spending by nearly $700,000.

The Cinnaminson Republican party has gained many new members because of the efforts of fine people like Ernie McGill and Ryan Horner. I feel at the local level, the most important things to consider when deciding who to vote for are the character of the candidates and their commitment to the community.

It could not be more clear to me that the candidates in this election that have the most integrity, respect for residents and the best interests of the community in mind are Ernie McGill and Ryan Horner.

Ernie and Ryan have my vote on June 6, and if you care as much about the future of Cinnaminson as I do, they should have your vote also.


Roger Butler