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Washington Township student stars in “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.”

Catch the Mainstage Center for the Arts Musical Theatre Company performance on May 20.

Alice, played by Ava DiBabbo of Washington Township, is joined by a cast of characters including Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter, played by Clair and Ryan Mc Dermott of Sicklerville, in “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.”

Follow the White Rabbit and fall into a world full of adventure as Mainstage Center for the Arts Musical Theatre Company presents “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.,” May 20, at 7 p.m., in the Dennis Flyer Theatre, at Lincoln Hall, Camden County College.

The fun begins when Alice, played by Ava DiBabbo of Washington Township, free falls down the rabbit hole where she ends up larger than life. The Doorknob, Maddi Jones of Sicklerville, advises her to drink a potion, which shrinks Alice so she will fit through the keyhole into Wonderland. Small Alice is portrayed by Olivia Williams of Sicklerville.

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Here, she is reunited with the White Rabbit, Shannon Enright of Clementon, and meets Tweedle Dee, Emily Liszewski of Sicklerville, and Tweedle Dum, Alyssa Ristagno of Deptford, the Mad Hatter, Ryan Mc Dermott of Sicklerville, Caterpillar, Claire McDermott of Sicklerville, who also portrays tall Alice, Cheshire Cat, Megan Moyers of Stratford, Victoria Ravoni of Sicklerville and Emily Williams, also of Sicklerville and the March Hare, played by Michael Thompson of Sicklerville. She attends the Mad Hatter’s tea party, plays croquet, and finds herself accused by the Queen of Hearts, portrayed by Lindsay Thompson of Sicklerville. The Queen of Hearts controls everyone, including the King of Hearts, played by Charlie Bell of Gloucester Township.

“I’m having so much fun being Alice,” DiBabbo said. “I’m enjoying acting out her mood swings, crying one minute and happy the next.”

“My personality is peppy so it is a great and challenging experience for me to play someone bossy who yells,” Thompson said of her Queen of Hearts character.

Additional cast members include the flowers: Petunia, by Chenoa Yelle of Elmer, Rose, by Arianna Starr of Voorhees, Iris, by Erica Smith of Washington Township, Daisy, by Hailee Imperatore of Gloucester Township, Violet, by Natalie Hess of Blackwood, and Lily, by Olivia Simon of Stratford.

With an enchanting story and classic Disney songs, including “I’m Late” and “The UnBirthday Song,” the audience will get caught up in the magic of “Alice in Wonderland, Jr. directed by Francine Odri of Lumberton and along with music director, Jillian Clark of Gloucester Township.

“It’s been a joy working with these young actors in the Musical Theatre Company class since September. They are so enthusiastic and have grown so much over the year,” said Odri.

“The kids are so talented and have been working very hard. It’s going to be a great show,” Clark said.

The performers range from fourth through ninth grades and are all enrolled in MCA’s Musical Theatre Company class, which meets once per week. To be in the company, students also take the skill-based class Broadway Song and Dance, which develops confident, well-rounded performers.

Tickets are general admission, ranging from $8 to $12 and available online at or at the door.


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