Weekly Roundup: local Syrian refugees are treated to a spa day for Mother’s Day

In other news, Burrito, a rare male tortioseshell cat is up for adoption at the AWA’s Paws & Feet Walk/Run

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A beautiful refuge: inner beauty shines through as local Syrian refugee women are treated to a spa day for Mother’s Day

Local Syrian refugee women are treated to a much deserved day to care for their hair at the Rizzieri Salon. After enduring so much, they appreciated a day to try to return to normalcy as they adjust to their new lives.

Burrito, a rare male tortoiseshell cat, for adoption at the AWA Paws & Feet Walk/Run

Burrito, along with many other animals, is up for adoption at the AWA’s Paws & Feet Walk/Run. The event is Saturday, May 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Eastern High School soccer field, and is their largest fundraiser of the year.

Camden County works with local animal rescue to have inmates train rescue dogs

Inmates will train and care for companion dogs to be adopted by veterans, who will give them a forever home. This program benefits veterans, inmates and dogs alike as the inmates are able to give back to the community and learn important skills as they are getting ready to re-enter society.

Voorhees Student Learns the Ways of Washington

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Five month internship with Senator Menendez shows Jordan Peebles the power of constituent voices. For the past five months, Jordan Peebles from Voorhees has been working in Senator Bob Menendez’s office in Washington, D.C. She has learned the importance of constituents being able to communicate with their representatives.