Voorhees Committee passes 2017 municipal budget

For homeowners with the average assessed home valued at $257,866, there will be a $40 increase per year.

Voorhees homeowners are going to see an increase in their municipal tax rate. At its meeting on April 24, Voorhees Township Committee adopted the 2017 municipal budget.

The budget totals $37.87 million, $7.5 million of which is allocated to the fire district, which the township absorbed earlier this year. Revenues from the former fire district now go to the township to pay for the services.

Not counting the money allocated to the fire district, the municipal budget increased by $18,000, or .0009 percent.

Homeowners with the average assessed home valued at $257,866 will see a $40 increase per year, which is about $10 per quarter, or $3.33 a month. The tax rate is now 81.4 cents per $100 of assessed value.

According to Voorhees Township administrator Larry Spellman, these increases are funding a few initiatives. Four new police officers will be hired, six police cars will be replaced, and a new trash truck will be added. The seven new vehicles are replacing older models. There is also $1.4 million allocated for a road repair project, which is part of an ongoing road maintenance initiative.

The fire department is also seeing additional initiatives as part of its budget increase. A new ambulance, three new fire trucks, and personal protective equipment/turnout gear will be allocated for the fire department. As the fire and municipal budgets are recently combined, Spellman said the fire department will eventually be on a more regular maintenance schedule, the way the rest of the township is.

Spellman said the budget was $1,381,000 under the state-mandated 2 percent tax levy cap.

To view the full budget or user-friendly budget, visit www.voorheesnj.com.