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Township revises cemetery plan after receiving a correspondence

Also, three appointed to fire police position and township-owned property sold

The township gave an update on the proposed Shamong cemetery during the Tuesday, May 2, meeting. The Burlington County Planning Board wants the township to address a path that goes through the property. Township Administrator Sue Onorato said the concern with the path is regarding entering and leaving the cemetery.

The board gave the township the option to withdraw the plan, resubmit it at a later date and pay the application fee again, or update the current plan. Onorato stated the decision was made to update the plan. The update will include making the traffic on the path in the cemetery one-way. The township hopes to hear back from the board shortly to see if the updated plan is approved.
In other news:

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• The committee unanimously approved three appointments to the township’s fire police. Edward Moniot, Bridget Heydon and Eric Zahr II received appointments. The three will serve until May 6, 2020.

• The township received a report from the Burlington County Board of Health regarding the number of rabies cases in the county this year. As of March 31, six cases of rabies were reported in the county. The report also stated there had been 680 cases of rabies in Burlington County since 1989.

• The township announced the property located at 111 Strawberry Drive is in the process of being sold. The property, which was acquired via a tax lien, was put up for auction. Two groups initially showed interest in the property during the recent bid process, but only one submitted an intent to bid form. The land was sold for the minimum bid of $70,000. The money will be used to help fund construction of the cemetery. A single-family home will be built on the property.


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