Students learn art, science with visiting medical illustrator

Bennett spoke to students in art classes, anatomy classes about how the success of both professions is inter-twined.

Medical Illustrator Brittany Bennett shared a drawing of tissues and muscle that make up the human hand.

The medical illustrations of Brittany Bennett were engaging to both art and science students at Washington Township High School on April 28. Bennett spoke to students in Sybil Cohen’s art two and three classes, as well as to students from Mary Howard and Costa Tsoukalis’ anatomy classes about how the success of both professions is intertwined.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Bennett explained the opportunities that await students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the important field of scientific illustration, including the opportunity to work, both full time or as a freelance artist, with hospitals, universities, government institutions, research groups, museums and animation studios.

While her days were spent in artistic training, by night Bennett attended drawing sessions at Hahnemann University Hospital’s cadaver lab as well as academic classes at Penn. There, her studies focused on biology, but she also enjoyed exploring disciplines like art history, medical history and anthropology.

As she explained to the students, she has a strong appreciation for the interconnected relationship between art and science and sees scientific illustrations and visualizations as one way to make research accessible to diverse audiences.

She shared some of her personal experiences in the field and directed students to helpful websites where they could learn more about this interesting line of work.