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Teachers of the Year honored with recognition ceremony

The Board of Education awarded 12 teachers and two education services professionals for their dedication and contributions to the district’s schools.

Teachers of the Year from left in the back row were Matthew Loiacono, Greg Muscelli, Larissa Fanning, Michael Hengy, Jacki Tiger-Williams, Nichole Cuorato, Catherine Zeoli and David Walls. In the front row, there was Janet Reardigan, Emily Piskun, Domenick Renzi, Karin Mickelson, Maddy La Voe, and Ellen Waite.

Members of the Washington Township Board of Education joined colleagues, administrators, students, parents and community members in rousing and repeated applause during a recognition ceremony in honor of the district’s 2016–17 Teachers of the Year and Educational Services Professionals of the Year.

The 12 teachers and two educational services professionals were lauded for their tireless efforts, their innovation and professionalism and their countless contributions that have placed them among the elite in the district.

The honorees included:

Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center

Karin Mickelson, special education kindergarten teacher

Bells Elementary

Ellen Waite, grade 2 special education teacher

Birches Elementary

Nichole Cuorato, grade 4 teacher

Hurffville Elementary

Jacki Tiger-Williams, grade 5 teacher

Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Matthew Loiacono, kindergarten teacher

Wedgwood Elementary

District Teacher of the Year Domenick Renzi, BSI mathematics teacher

Whitman Elementary

Emily Piskun, grade 5 teacher

Bunker Hill Middle School

Catherine Zeoli, grade 8 special education teacher

Chestnut Ridge Middle School

Michael Hengy, grade 8 mathematics teacher

Orchard Valley Middle School

Maddy La Voe, grade 6 English teacher

Washington Township High School

Dr. Greg Muscelli, social studies teacher

Janet Reardigan, mathematics teacher

Elementary Educational Services Professional of Year

Larissa Fanning, Hurffville Elementary School guidance counselor

Secondary Educational Services Professional of Year

David Walls, Washington Township High School learning disabilities consultant

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